What is Project Dre LA?

Project Dre LA…

Los Angeles, oh how I love you. Yes, I love LA. The culture, the diversity, the vibe, the Lakers. I love the energy, the crowds, the various cities and the foreign little worlds within each district like Little Ethiopia, Thai Town, Korea Town, China Town, the Fairfax District, pockets of Russians, Persians, Asians and Latinos of every type, all within the city, in their own concentrated communities, making LA the delicious melting pot its known to be. Among East LA, West LA, South LA, Pasadena, Long Beach, the South Bay, Mid-City, Silverlake, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Downtown, and the Valley, you find the best restaurants, exclusive nightclubs, famous theaters, world-class museums, amazing music venues, the best shopping in the world and if you look carefully, you might find me. As an undercover hipster I have often found myself among the beautiful people and have been for years. This social scene I have always loved being a part of has inspired and guided the artist I am today. I can tell the real from the fake without batting an eyelash extension. I know what’s in, what’s out, what’s cool, what’s hot, and what’s not. This knowing comes to me by nature and instinct and no doubt because of my years of exposure among the trendsetters. It’s a genuine good taste and style that I feel I have acquired from the places I dwell, the people I know, the boutiques I love and where I’m from. It’s an education and an expertise that I can’t show a degree for, but if I could, well, I would be the Colombian Dr. Dre.

Los Angeles has also been the perfect backdrop to my project of self-discovery as it doubles as an analogy for my experiences. LA is both gritty and glamorous, menacing and thrilling, genuine and fallible, and last year, when all of my shenanigans lead me to the dark and lonely place that turned out to be the journey into myself, the city of Hollywood lent its legendary scene for my awakening. At times I’ve felt like a crash test dummy, however, perhaps by sharing some of my hard learned wisdom with you, I will help you with similar heartaches. I hope that by doing so, the crash I endured and scars I proudly carry, are not in vain.

Here, posted on Project Dre LA, you will find my personal observations and advice about love, beauty, happy hour, manners, dating/relationships, music, politics, fashion, and style, from a neurotic but well-intentioned culture critic, writer, artist, fashionista, foodie, lover and student of life and human behavior. Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living”. Project Dre LA is my ongoing mission to continue seeking and traveling and creating. I hope you join me. Thanks for reading.

In love and gratitude always,



*These are my own opinions and mine only; they do not reflect those of my employer or any organization I am associated with. 

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