Go Home Arab!

I found this on gawker and had to share.  Written by comedian Pardis Parker, this beautiful, funny, award-winning short  film tenderly tells the story of a hate crime, and how the victim found humor even in the face of hatred.  Parker was living in Montreal shortly after 9/11 when he found his car spray painted with the words “Go Home Arab”.   The incident inspired him to write his first movie, Afghan.  Enjoy.  xo Dre


When L.A. is a man…

An Ode to the City of Angels…

Los Angeles is the featured city and second installment in a series of short films created by French filmmaker Jean-Claude Thribaut together with Louis Vuitton, featuring various world cities as gender.  Sarah St. Lifer of Refiner 29 humorously and truthfully says, “Leave it to a foreigner to accurately define our city.”  In this two minute film, he essentially defines LA in a way only someone who has lived here, loves it, and really gets it, could.

The writing is poetic with lines like “L.A. has a vague, cool restlessness–a mystery running through its veins.”, and “LA is a loner, stretched under the sun, its luxuries are time and water.”  Images of film lots, the LA river, Melrose Ave., DTLA, LAX, and the Sunset Strip just to name a few, flash as you watch and hear the most accurate and beautifully written piece about LA I’ve seen in a while.  Its a love letter to my city and frankly, I’m flattered.   Enjoy… xo