About Dre

My name is Andrea, but my friends call me Dre. My whole Life has been like a giant social project. Hence Project Dre. I write about whatever inspires me, be it an artist, a thought or idea revisited, a movie I saw, something I heard… I’m an LA girl and adore the rich culture of the city which actually translates to the rich culture of my life. In my experience, we are travelers, and what we often describe as chance encounters are in fact life changing synchronicities that help us along our journey whether we seek the help or not; whether we want to learn the lesson or not; whether it feels good or not.

In my seeking, I found I was an artist living in the closet. I discovered this the hard way. My own “chance” encounters involve a few criminals, several teachers, a myriad of angels, and a guru or two. Life as a blocked creative was painful. I am now working to uncover these blocks and this blog is one of the ways I’m coming out of the closet. I’ve been an artist all my life, however I strayed pretty far from my own truth. I’m a writer. My soul is an artist’s soul. It always has been.

In this blog, I hope to put out all of the love, beauty, compassion, advice and joyous intention that have been so kindly bestowed upon me. Hopefully this blog will bring some light to your life, or at the very least, give you a small chuckle.

We are all travelers. Travel light.

Thanks for reading. xo Dre

*These are my own opinions and mine only; they do not reflect those of my employer or any organization I am associated with. 

2 thoughts on “About Dre

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  2. Dre,
    While looking for dim-sum on yelp, I came across your reviews. Then I proceeded to your blog, because I liked your writing style. After reading your blog, I’m in love.
    Your a doll, can we burn bridges together? at dim-sum?

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