Happy Birthday Steven!

Moz blowing party hornThis morning, Ralph Garman, one of the hosts on KROQ’s Los Angeles morning radio show, reminded me it was Morrissey’s birthday. He jokingly said Morrissey was probably celebrating his day by sadly rocking himself in the corner and all of his fans were going to finally kill themselves in his honor. I’m adlibbing of course, but you get the gist. I don’t take it personally because like most stereotypes, there is some truth in the joke. Don’t worry friends, I’m not killing myself… today anyway. I was born emo though. In case you aren’t sure what I mean, according to Urban Dictionary, the word Emo referrs to: the emotive style of lyrics and music. Punk music on estrogen. Often acustic guitar with soft, high male vocals that dwell excessively on the singer’s feelings, especially melancholy remembrances of past relationships/mistakes in life. Another definition says Emo is like Goth only much less dark and much more Harry Potter. Like the real dictionary, Urban Dictionary gives you a description of the word in an example so you get the picture. I will share the following examples for Emo: 1) “My life sucks and I want to die” 2) girlfriend: “C’mon let’s have sex.” boyfriend: “I’m to sad to have sex.” girlfriend: “I’m to sad too; lets have sex and cry.” boyfriend:”I’m already crying.”

Funny right? I will say again as I have said in other posts, that when I discovered the music of the The Smiths and Morrissey, my heartache, angst and every insecurity suddenly had a voice and a melody. A lifelong fan was born and I found a subculture of people that just get it. If you don’t get it, congratulations. You’re happier than us. If you do, well then when u hear the lyric yes we may be hidden by rags, but we’ve something they’ll never have… you know what he means.

I’m not alone in my admiration. Maybe you have seen evidence of the Morrissey Sticker Project in your city? I LOVE IT! Keep your eyes peeled. Here are some shots of these awesome stickers from my city… If and when you see one of these love stickers, perhaps you will hear my voice in your head and think of me kindly…

moz sticker LA


moz sticker dark


moz sticker kimmel


moz subway


moz sticker la times


moz sticker face

I’m definitely not wishing my favorite English lyricist with the amazing falsetto an unhappy birthday, even though it is one of my very favorite songs…

unhappy birthday Morrissey-with-birthdaycake


Happy Birthday Moz,

My very first Project Dre LA blog post was an homage to you. I’m proud to be a part of the Moz Army cult you have in Los Angeles, or Moz Angeles as some of us know it to be. I was saddened and concerned when I heard you got sick and had to cancel your tour. I hope you’re well and feeling better and will be on the road again soon. Thanks for your beauty and your music and the mindful example you set for all of us. Best wishes this year for good health, true love, and an even better world tour! You’re not right in the head. And nor am, and this is why I like you. xo


The one you left behind.

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