I can barely take care of myself…

Last summer I wrote The Baby Question, a blog post about the incessant backlash and judgment I receive about not having children.  I know that post rang true for many readers with and without children.  As women, yes- I’m calling women out, we judge eachother about having children, not having children, only having one child, having too many children… Seriously, everyone needs to calm down.

Today I heard about a book written by comedienne Jen Kirkman called I Can Barely Take Care of Myself. Awesome title right!  In the book she talks about the judgement she endures for being one of a growing number of women who chooses to live child-free.  Clearly this is a real issue for women that goes way past Tio Juan’s back yard bbq and I’m glad to see more women are talking it and stepping into the life they choose.

jen kirkman

People need to follow their own bliss.  Sometimes that includes a life of sleeping in on weekends, sharing pizza with a bulldog and collecting designer sunglasses.   Just saying.

3 thoughts on “I can barely take care of myself…

  1. Something that I feel, needs to be said, is that we need to decide who we want to hang out with. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have friends that you don’t hang out with, but they will often have the same living situation that you do. If you are married without kids, you will probably hang out with people who aren’t always talking about their kids. If they do have kids, you will talk with people who do have kids because you will talk about your kids. That’s how we learn to deal with the situations that we may be currently dealing with, or may need that information in the future. My daughter has cerebral palsy and so we tend to hang out with friends who have kids with disabilities. Beyond learning and being able to laugh about certain situations that others may think, deserves a pity party or an offensive remark, it just happens. When I was single and never married, as my friends got married, I would see them less often. When I got married, I ended up hanging out less with my single friends and those that migrated into the realm of having children. Opposites don’t always attract, and in these cases, like minded people will have a connection that isn’t there with other groups.
    Sorry for the long thought process, but I thought that it fit well here, and may be useful to some of your readers.

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