Review Of The Day!

This morning I woke up to find 25 messages from my wonderful Yelp community congratulating me for being chosen for Review Of The Day (ROTD)! This is my first ROTD and I’m very excited about the honor because I have been yelping for about five years or so, as an Elite Yelper (we’re the special ones) for 3 of those years, and yet my own ROTD has been illusive, until now. Find my ROTD today 12/11/12 here and follow me on yelp here if you are in Los Angeles or Orange County. In my opinion, this is not my best review, but it is the one that was chosen, so I’m grateful and so excited. Thanks Yelp!, my friends and fellow yelpers, and my dear friend Lisa Z. who accompanied me for dinner and drinks at Simmzy’s Long Beach, which inspired the review. We shared the best dessert there, Chocolate S’mores Pudding. Upon tasting it my girl Lisa actually said “Who needs a man when u can have this?”:-) xo



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