I first heard the captivating melodies of The XX in 2009 and was totally enchanted.  I found the music from this British indie trio to be melancholy, beautiful, haunting, and quite moving.  I downloaded the album, burned it on cd and gave it to several friends to hear.  Their songs add perfect ambiance when you want to set a cool vibe for alone time or with some friends.  Cocktails and other party favors not included, but are recommended.   In 2010 I saw the group perform at the Palladium in Hollywood.  They rocked it, and I loved them even more after that.  If you think you haven’t heard their music, you are probably familiar with this beautiful piece that has been featured on many TV shows and various ads.  Sidebar, this is my favorite song, Heat Skips A Beat, from their first album…

  Tonight I want to share this track, Angles, from their second album, Coexist.  It’s just so pretty.  Enjoy. xo Dre


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