Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine, and not just because of the sugar high.   As a kid, I loved dressing up, doused in glitter, wearing a painted face of make-up and hitting up the neighbors for treats.  It was a chance to be princess, a sorceress, a super hero.  Halloween allowed me to dream, to be something else, to be someone else.  Someone fabulous who wears exaggerated hot pink blush and red lipstick and has hair that sparkles.  The hard part was always deciding who to be.  Dressing as something ugly like a zombie or a green witch with a wart on my nose was never even a consideration.  I was a ballerina, a butterfly, or some Egyptian goddess.  The child I was had obvious intuition about the glamour girl I would become.  It surprised no one that I would eventually embody the grown up version of the diva I portrayed as a girl.  To this day, I adore dressing up for
Halloween although the opportunity to dress up is becoming more rare. I think it’s related to this decade of my life, because in my 20s there was always a party or somewhere to be.  This year, to my happy surprise, my friend the vixen invited me to join her and her equally vixen-like posse for a night out in LA for some Halloween fun.  The plan, she sweetly explained, is to dress up like various animals and call themselves “the petting zoo.”  Oh, how that girl makes me giggle!  Given my advancing age, I am keenly aware that my days of being hot are numbered, and although I could be in a zoo, I’m not sure anyone will want to pet me.  Be that as it may, if my schedule allows, I will be joining those sexy Kitties, Tigers, and Bunnies. I think I’ll channel Shakira and be a wolf.  Hey- any excuse to wear fish-nets and sparkles in my hair again.  What are your plans?

If you aren’t sure, check out this list of Halloween happenings:

  • Los Angeles haunts– ghosts tours and other scary stuff…
  • Theme parks: Universal Studios, Knott’s, Six Flags & Disneyland all feature Halloween events this month
  • Haute Dog Howl’oween Pet Parade & Adoption October 28th is a fabulous Long Beach event for families and dog lovers alike
  • Masquerades, Fetish Balls & Nightclub parties

Ok, back to mid-terms.  Sigh.  Best witches! xo Dre


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