The ghosts that I knew…

I’d like to apologize for letting my blog go dark for so long. It’s just that my life has taken a hectic turn to say the least. The good news is that I was accepted to USC’s Annenberg School of Communication & Journalism. The bad news is, I’ve been carried away by the gold and burgundy wave that is USC, and I’m afraid I’m not wearing a proper life jacket.

Graduate school is challenging and terrifying; amazing and intense; difficult and gratifying. My classmates are a collection of bright, professional, type A personality corporate climbers. It is safe to say I’m the hippie of the group. I have made friends with the cool kids in my class as usual, and already have a solid little group of allies who will accompany me on this journey. The amount of work required is seriously a little crazy. It’s about 25 hours a week per class, and between the reading (over 120 pages of academic journals a week), the studying, power point presentations, papers and group work there is little time for anything else. To put this in perspective for you, before this, most of the reading I did involved a vampire named Edward and the last quiz I took was out of Cosmo.

It’s been four weeks, yet I can already feel the changes happening in the way I think, process information, and ultimately show up in the world. The hard work and discipline are no doubt good for me, however I’m still learning how to find balance in my life after receiving my Trojan citizenship. I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, I have missed you and this writing outlet very much.

Tonight I will likely drift to sleep with charts and theories dancing above my head, but before I go, I leave you with a song, or two actually, to be exact.

The first one comes from Irish banjo rockers, Mumford and Sons. I tell you, there is something about the Irish and me that just clicks. No, it’s not the drinking. Wait, maybe it is. Just kidding. But seriously, it started with U2, then amazing author Tana French, and since 2010s breakout single Little Lion Man, Mumford and Sons. What can I say? The music just moves me. Mumford and Sons sophomore album Babel, dropped on Tuesday. I bought it and love it of course. I can explain it this way. There is a sorrow and a depth in their strumming and harmonizing that touches my soul in divine recognition. I can’t hear this band without feeling a thick knot of emotion in the back of my throat. It is weird, but I swear I could cry every time. It happens automatically and I can’t explain why, except for my loose theory that perhaps my soul recognizes something in the music. Maybe its the ghosts that I knew?

Watch Mumford & Sons performance from this past weekend on Saturday Night Live. This is their first single off the album Babel, “I will wait for you”. sigh.

This week, further exacerbating my girl crush, I also purchased P!nk’s new album, The Truth About Love. This is my favorite cut from the album called “Try”. It inspires me and has been on repeat since I bought it. Enjoy!

I promise not to be gone so long. Until next time, be well. xo Dre


4 thoughts on “The ghosts that I knew…

  1. Congratulations on starting grad school! I am so happy for you! You are totally creative and talented and I better get your autograph soon before you become even more famous 😉 Thanks for driving all the way to the French dinner the other night. I can’t believe you came that far and I wish I had more time to talk to you.

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