I started collecting quotes when I was in high school.  Even then I found profound comfort and insight from the wise words of people who offered their unique perspective and understanding about life. Once I started collecting these lyrical lessons, I never stopped.  Pinterest has only exacerbated my wisdom hoarding.  From poets to scientists, artists to politicians, athletes to comedians, some people just have a way of expression that conveys timeless honesty which link us in our human experience.   Today, this quote from Bette Davis made me feel better about a lot of things…  Thought I’d share it with you too.  xo Dre


4 thoughts on “Truth.

  1. “Wisdom hording” I love that term. I too like to wisdom horde. I’ve been known to sit at the computer for hours on end searching all my 5746743983 files in hopes of finding that one quote I saved but can’t recite just yet by memory in order to use for a certain occasion 🙂 And this bit of advice is a great one! Thanks for adding to my collection!

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