Los Fixie Riders

A trend for latino kids around LA are these brakeless bikes known as “fixes”.  If you didn’t know, now you know.  I find this fast bike trend among these inspired teens awesome and uniquely LA.   In Mid-city, Huntington Park and other heavy latino populated areas, fixies dominate the streets as a fun, fast way to get around town and are also used as a form of expression.  The culture and creativity of these young latinos has cultivated this trend that is catching fire around the US.  Perhaps initiated here in LA- where trends are often born, and soon coming to a city near you.  I gotta get me fixie… 🙂

LAist published a post called “Los Fixie Riders” written by Loren Loyd about these bikes.  I had to share it here on my own LA inspired blog.  Watch the 6 minutes video to hear their voices and get inspired.  The muse is always awake in LA.  xo Dre

Jorge Rivas, a Koreatown resident, has produced a video dedicated to fixed-gear bicycles. Hipsters, we know, you can barely contain yourselves.

Rivas’ curiosity surrounding the popular, often brakeless bikes sparked when he saw his 13-year-old neighbor saddle up on one, so he did the following: “I decided to go out with my camera and ask teens all over town why they prefer fixies,” Rivas writes to us in an email today.

With Latino teens ages 14 to 18 as his subjects, Rivas captures local fixie riders describing their active hobby via the following words: “fun,” “easier,” “adrenaline,” “faster,” “tricks,” “different style of riding,” “form of expression,” “creative,” “colors,” “save a lot of money,” “freedom,” “clears up my mind” and “flavor.”

The video reinforces how greatly neighborhood trends can affect—in this case positively—youths. One thing per the video is certain: Latino teens like to get places fast.
“Everybody’s riding ’em, especially Mexican, well, Latino kids,” says Roger, 17, of Mid City


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