Colorado’s Dark Night…

Today on Facebook, the Rumi page I follow posted this:

“You have to keep breaking
your heart until it opens.” ~ Rumi

Since I’m pretty sure the page is managed in another country, there was likely no relation to  the quote and the mass shooting at the Dark Knight screening in Aurora, Colorado I woke up to hear about this morning. Still, when I read it, it struck me how relevant the message was to this new tragedy, not just for me, but for our nation.  There has been another mass shooting.  Twelve people were killed.

Just off the top of my head I recall the Gabby Gifford shooting spree in Arizona, the horrifying Virginia Tech massacre, the Muslim army guy who shot up the base in Forthood Texas, the guy who opened fire on Hollywood Blvd. just a few months ago, and of course, Columbine.   A google search of mass shootings produces endless pages of documented cases that literally sends a chill right through me.  Today, another heartbreak for the nation.  The breaking point is in Colorado this time.  Will this be the one to break us open?

Just yesterday my Pinterest friend pinned this:

It’s easy to agree with him, right?  The appealing American zeal and righteousness of the statement resonates and I would even go as far as to say I totally agree.  But I also have to shout, “Conundrum!!!”  Hmmm, how do we differentiate between the good guys and the bad guys?  Not to make old Charlie turn over in his grave right now, but his great quote makes a fantastic case for stronger gun laws. Gun control isn’t about disarming the people!!  It’s about being as responsible as possible in an effort to protect society.  As long as Virginia Tech, Dark Knight and even Treyvon Martin cases exist, we fail to protect society.  How many more tragedies are we going to have to experience as Americans before we make some changes?

Today, Mayor Bloomberg tweeted, “Its time for presidential candidates to stand up and tell us what they will do about guns in America.”  He went on to tweet,  “There’s something more important than getting elected, and that’s standing up and saying what you think is right.”  Word, Mayor Bloomberg.  Word.

The movie is called Dark Knight Rises, and I guess it did…  I send prayers, love and light to the victims and their families.  I also pray for peace.  Everyday I pray for peace.     Be safe dear readers.  xo Dre


7 thoughts on “Colorado’s Dark Night…

  1. Great post…how MANY more tragedies will we have to face? Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine” movie comes to mind…an eye-opening doc…sadly nothing much has changed in this arena since it came out…the horrifying incidents just keep piling up…

  2. I enjoyed reading this post, and I rarely see this type of caring about what is right, outside of my own little world. Thank you for that!!! One thing that I would like to say about gun laws, as well as all laws, we don’t need more, we only need to enforce what we have, and to reduce the replication of the many laws, in order to make the existing laws work. If you don’t enforce the law, it will be broken. This is why I say that we don’t need more laws, though some may need a slight adjustment. Look at traffic laws, they are broken every day with the police watching people running red lights. If red light runners were stopped, we wouldn’t need to create more laws against running red lights. Also, if stop lights were appropriately timed, people wouldn’t need to speed through yellow lights, to avoid stopping for a red light at every stoplight. This is just an example on a lower level of our legal system, that every driver has seen, or done, without seeing it on television. Gun laws could be fixed by undoing unenforceable attempted repairs of the law. If criminals were afraid of being killed because upstanding citizens were able to own guns, it wouldn’t matter if the innocent had a gun or not, because the criminal wouldn’t know who was packing and who wasn’t.

    • hi ross, thanks for your comment. i totally see your point. the answer isn’t easy and frankly gives me a headache! more laws is really just shuffling paper and adding to the broken system we currently have. enforcing the current laws as you suggested is a great start, but its also a huge endeavor in terms of how we would do that and measure the success of said attempt, however, depending on the state, enforcing the current laws just isn’t a priority and in my opinion. i think this is because americans in general are super sensitive about their guns and the right to have them, sell them, shoot them, get silencers for them, etc. and don’t even get me started on the politicians! 😦 sigh. anyway, thank you for reading my post, for your compliment and especially for taking the time to share your insights on this issue. please come back again. dre

  3. While I do understand the sentiment that many people have about gun control, the bad guys and criminals have ALWAYS been able to get guns, drugs, etc, no matter what laws are passed, while your average citizen, just trying to protect themselves and loved ones end up defenseless. Just a few weeks ago a 71 year old man was in an internet cafe with his wife and other patrons. Two young men came in with intentions to rob the cafe and patrons. One had a gun and one a baseball bat. The 71 year old man when realizing what was happening, and having a personal weapon on him, fired at the two men, wounding one in the leg and one in the buttocks. They were captured about a half hour later when they showed up at a local hospital with gunshot wounds. Had this man not acted when he did, this could have been a very similar tragedy as what happened in Colorado. There are countless stories like this of average citizens acting to prevent just what happened in Colorado. I say…You Go Grandpa…I dont’ think more strngent gun control is the answer.

    • If you arm the innocent people, the guilty will finally be afraid of us rather than the other way around. I believe in gun control…you should take a breath, hold it, and have good gun control before you pull the trigger. It will increase the accuracy of your shot.

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