on being alone…



7 thoughts on “on being alone…

  1. I think time alone is very precious. It’s not common these days with all our busy lives we have this luxury anymore. It is very healthy to get time alone for yourself to wind down and step back to take a well deserve deep breath for some inner sanity. Our lives are going way too fast routinely and more often than none we never have that time alone. so when you have a chance to get some time alone, cherish it and treat yourself of some well deserve relaxation.

  2. “Solitude is the salt of personhood.”

    I don’t remember the origin of the quote, but I remember writing about it on my SAT exam…or was it the ACT? Anyway, you get the idea.

    Enjoy your weekend, Dre!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂
    I am sitting poolside, alone, planning my next move in this new place. Sometimes taking the time to be alone helps to clear the mind of toxins, like noise or over-thinking. More people need to do it. There would be more happiness.

    • You’re welcome. I posted it with a friend in mind. It was my hope to reach her, and anyone else who needed the message. Hope you have great week, and thanks for reading… ♥ Dre

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