This Charming Man…

Today is the birthday of Steven Patrick Morrissey, the last of the famous international playboys…

 Happy Birthday Moz, its still you I love…  Cheers and best wishes to the most charming man and handsome devil I can think of… Thank you for the inspiration.  May your light shine on 4-ever!

To me you are a work of art, &

 Whatever happens, I love you.

Your faithful fan always,  


P.S. Just in case you’re wondering, I’m still ill

Since this is Project Dre LA, please enjoy Morrissey at the Hollywood Bowl– iconic as ever! xo


2 thoughts on “This Charming Man…

  1. Hi.

    It’s so nice of you to add the link to my blog post. 🙂
    Yes, Morrissey is the most amazing person ever. I dont think even he knows how many lives he saved with his lyrics. He’s absolutely wonderful.


    • Hi V!
      Thanks for your comment. I meant to leave you one too, but you beat me to it. You are very welcome! I LOVED your blog post. I love your blog actually. Yes, Morrissey is amazing. He keeps saving me. 🙂 Thanks again. xo Dre

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