A prayer for forgiveness…

“When I’m with you, everything is prayer” ~ Rumi

I adore that Rumi quote. For me it carries with it such reverence and sacred love for another. I always imagined it was for a lover who Rumi worshiped, but now I’m thinking it isn’t necessarily romantic. That particular quote came to my mind tonight.  I just spent some time with a dear friend who I view as someone who is centered, enlightened and frankly, for about 20 years, she has been a great teacher to me in this life. So much so that I have actually affectionately called herYoda for years.

Our talks vary on any given day. Among the myriad of topics of conversation, we exchange ideas about learning from our mistakes, business strategy, money, accountability, politics, Buddhism, and most anything that has to do with bringing our best selves to the world. Every time we part after one of our visits, I feel like she leaves me with little gifts of insight and inspiration I would not have had other wise. I am lucky to know her.  Tonight we discussed, among other things, forgiveness.

My lesson from Yoda tonight was a prayer for forgiveness. I’d like to share the lesson with you so we can all try it and see if it works.  Coming from Yoda, it probably will. To fill you in briefly I must tell you that I’ve been carrying around a significant amount of anger, resentment and general ill will toward a certain individual who in my view betrayed me, is evil, and is going to hell for sure. When I think of this person I often feel a physical sensation in my heart and throat that is a mixture of pain, anger, bitterness and disgust. My friend knows about this particular situation and this was the insight she brought to me tonight…

She recently attended a lecture/seminar here in L.A. given by Marianne Williamson, famous friend of Oprah and author of A Return To Love, among other best sellers. During the lecture a woman in the audience shared her bitter resentment toward her father who had done bad things to her many years ago. She explained she was still holding on to the pain, unable to let it go. Marianne suggested she pray for him and send him good intentions daily for 30 days straight. By doing so, she would change the energy of the entire relationship and actually free herself from victimhood.

Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves; it’s not for the other person. If we can free ourselves from the prison of anger, bitterness and resentment, then we can move on to live a happier more fulfilled life. And anyway, its like Yoda and Oprah always say, “When you know better you do better. “ Plus, and this is the worst part about me carrying around anger and resentment:  while I’m over here brooding and being angry and bitter, that miserable slime is over there at the club or taking a nap or eating something fried. So what’s the point of being angry when I’m only hurting myself and probably giving myself a wrinkle?

Do you have someone in your life that wronged you in some way? Maybe you experienced a betrayal you never saw coming? Maybe someone stole your property, never paid you back, or sabotaged you in some way. Maybe you are mad at your dad, your ex, your mom, or your friend from 11th grade?  Its time to release those feelings, not for their sake, but for yours. Tonight my friend shared advice from a world-renowned relationship expert that could possibly bring me personal freedom and peace. This was no coincidence. There is no price for personal freedom or peace, therefore I am going to start today. For the next thirty days I will be saying a prayer that goes something like this:

“Dear God, Please bless _______________ today. Please keep him/her safe and may this be a great day for him/her. Please be with him/her today and also be with me so that I too have a wonderful day. I’m sending him/her love and light wherever he/she is… Amen.

Feel free to use this prayer for the dirt bag in your life. Be genuine and do it for 30 days. My friend started this 4 days ago and got a call from the two people she was praying for.  These are calls she believes would not have come if she hadn’t been working on changing the energy of the relationship through prayer, mediation and good intention. I’ll be posting a blog in about 30 days or so as a follow up to this one to let you know how my prayers and good intentions changed or didn’t change anything for me…  Join me will you?!  What have you got to lose?

Peace, blessings and best wishes readers! Xo Dre

Oh, and P.S. That Rumi quote and this post is dedicated to my dear friend for her understanding, vision and wisdom. When I’m with her, everything really is prayer…

Click here for the follow up post…


13 thoughts on “A prayer for forgiveness…

  1. ahhh yes…good stuff Dre…love this…and this quote always makes me smile:

    “Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.”
    – Oscar Wilde

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  3. I am eagerly awaiting your post following your 30 days of prayers and good intentions 🙂
    this post is just what I needed.

    thanks, Nan

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  5. This is beautiful. All I did is search. The quote cuz I knew. I had heard it before and I thought it was Rumi. Just this week I was in a ‘treatment session’ with a counselor where she made me write and then read the most angry and hateful letter I could write to my x-girlfriend. I guess I didn’t realize she was gonna roleplay as my exe. She said ‘can u forgive me?’ And I said ‘i don’t know.’ Then she said ‘could u ever?’ And I said ‘i’m trying.’ And I couldn’t continue. The way I hate and hold anger doesn’t let me see this person as a person. In this way I deceive myself.
    Another strange coinsidence; I wrote my first blog on wordpress today in months….nice to cross paths with ya 🙂 on this rive of sychronicity

  6. Yes, when in doubt, turn to Master Rumi. 🙂 I know its hard to let go. That is why I wrote the posts, there are two. I wanted to reach others! The follow up post is here https://projectdrela.wordpress.com/2012/05/08/forgiveness-part-deux/ Great to hear that I am a part of your synchronicity as nothing is an accident. Keep trying on your journey through this lesson and remember, forgiveness is for you, not for them! They are going to hell either way 🙂 Thanks for your comment and for reading. xo Dre

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