Six Word Memoir…

Oprah inspired me again.

On her Facebook page this week she encouraged her audience to write their life stories in six words or less… I became intrigued. The original idea came from the writer and editor of SMITH Magazine, Larry Smith, who challenged his readers in November of 2006 to write their life stories in six words or less. The inspiration for this contest came from Ernest Hemingway’s marvelous six word short story “ For sale: Baby shoes, Never worn”. I love that!

Hemingway was totally brill and continues to inspire so many writers and aspiring writers decades after his death. Most recently, Woody Allen. Have you seen Midnight in Paris? If you haven’t please do…

Anyway, Larry Smith’s Six Word Memoir contest was officially over after a month, but in reality, it’s never stopped. Years later, he is still receiving “memoirs”. He has published 5 books with over half a million touching and personal contributions he’s received. asked its readers to send in some of their 6 word life stories, and published some of the submissions. These are a few of my favorites…

“Stage IV cancer made me live.” Melanie Bourbour, 34

“Zen gardener, can you dig it?” Denise Hasher, 38

“I’ve made all the best mistakes…” Jessica McKeen-Grabell, 26

“Living heart for sale. Like New…” Ariel Faulkner, 25

“The good child, until I wasn’t…” Tara Hill, 44

“Seeking the fullest expression of self…” Oprah Winfrey, 58

“Old too soon. Smart too late.” Ibis Kramer, 70 (ha! how true!)

Never one to back down from a challenge, these are some of my mini memoirs- using only 6 words of course!

I never regret love or chocolate.

Mistakes are more fun when drinking.

We are all travelers. Travel light.

I was tricked into forgetting myself…

No such thing as wasted love…

It was fun… while it lasted.

The vodka made me do it.

It’s been impossible to resist love.

My broken heart broke me open.

Regret kills if you let it…

Sometimes a seeker. Sometimes a fool.

Might as well buy them all…

Working with her was totally excruciating!

I’m not waiting for you anymore…

Hiding has always served me well…

Its not as easy as it looks! Try it! Let your inner poet come out and play. What is your six word memoir??


10 thoughts on “Six Word Memoir…

  1. Work hard and play harder!!!
    Wanna win big, bet big!!!

    Not your everyday words with wisdom, but live life to the fullest :-)) xoxo

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